IN AN era where the song-writer/producer has all but become king, LA-based artist AFSHeeN finds himself well on his way to holding court.


With credits for such icons as Madonna, Chris Brown, Take That and Selena Gomez, remixes for Janet Jackson, Sia and Fergie, a Latin Grammy nod and much more already under his belt, AFSHeeN is becoming one of the most in-demand creators for the American music industry’s A-list elite.


Breaking into 2016, he prepares to tell his own story, finally releasing under his own moniker. AFSHeeN’s debut single ‘Let Me Down Slow’ is just the tip of a beautiful iceberg, a sultry collection of what he likes to call ‘upbeat emo’, an eclectic style of synth-pop accompanied songs, so sublimely produced it carries a touch beyond his years.


While all the industry insider hype swirls around him, AFSHeeN remains firmly rooted in the shadows of the studio, content for the moment to let the music do the talking. Yet with this much buzz, obvious talent and A-list backing, it’s surely only a matter of time before the mysterious young producer takes his place in the spotlight.

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With an incredible 150,000+ streams on Spotify since February 12th and key plays across global radio stations, AFSHeeN finally releases debut single ‘Let Me Down Slow’ for international download – accompanied by a stunning new YouTube lyric video featuring dreamy time-lapse photography.



Having already written and produced for Madonna, Chris Brown, Selena Gomez and UK super group Take That, and remixed for Janet Jackson, Sia and Fergie, AFSHeeN’s studio credentials were never in doubt. ‘Let Me Down Slow’ is a sublime cut of chilled deep house, permeated with the kind of pop lyrics that have made the LA-based producer the new go-to for the planet’s biggest mainstream artists.

Gently balancing vocals against padded pianos, muted percussion and dreamy chord progressions, AFSHeeN’s lines weave in and out of each other in syncopated unison, seamlessly balancing the melancholic top line with a minimal yet …

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