Chloe Martini

In an age where the realms of electronic music have become completely saturated, true musical integrity and originality are fast becoming the key indicators of future successes. Anna Zmikewska a.k.a Chloe Martini has got these in abundance. Born in Warsaw, Poland, her interest in music had its tender beginnings during her teenage years, when she began to compose instrumental piano pieces that drew inspiration from the Japanese composer, musician and singer, Ryuichi Sakmoto. From there she developed an interest in electronic music, experimenting with different textures that would later form the basis of her soulful signature sound. Following the release of her wildly popular remixes of Destiny’s Child, Sia, Rufus and Pusha T, the young polish producer was quick to be picked up by established DJ’s and producers, including Snakehips who featured her remix of Brownstone – ‘If You Love Me’ in their top 10 classic Hip-Hop remixes of all time. Now boasting hundreds of thousands of plays on SoundCloud, and over twenty-three thousands subscribers, Chloe has, in the space of a year, become one of the most hyped new upcoming producers around. 

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