Markus Schulz

Markus Schulz is a German progressive trance producer renowned for his unique style of dark, brooding yet melodic productions and DJ sets. He is head of his own label Coldharbour Recordings in co-operation with Armada and he is infamous for surprising his fans with his own edits and reconstructions of well-known songs. 

Markus Schulz is a man on a mission. He dreams of meeting the world. This dream just might be possible. Currently number 8 on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s Poll and 5th on the Top 250 DJ’s Poll, Markus has been travelling the world playing his personal brand of ‘dark, moody, melodic trance’ and meeting as many people as possible.

Over the past three years, Markus has crossed the globe on an almost constant basis. From Australia to Russia and as far away as China and Trinidad. Along with playing his hometown of Miami. Markus was also found in Ibiza at his summer residency at Amnesia; The Two Tribes Tour in Australia and New Zealand; Tomorrowland in Belgium; Mysterland and Trance Energy in The Netherlands; Nature One in Germany; Distant Heat in Jordan as well as clubs and in Kuala Lumpur, Romania, Czech Republic, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, UK, Boston, Los Angeles, New York and the list goes on.

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In January 2015, Markus Schulz transported us to South Beach’s 'Bayfront (Miami)'. For February’s monthly instalment of Schulz’s ambitious 'City Series' concept, he teams up with Tom Boxer to descend upon a city rich in art, architecture, and culture. This time, the Romanian capital of Bucharest is under focus, with its track titled 'Bine Făcut', which translates to ‘well done’. 


As one of the phoenix cities of the dance music industry, 'Bine Făcut (Bucharest)' explores its deep historical heritage. Teaming up with well-respected Romanian producer, Tom Boxer, the single combines an interestingly brooding melody with sinister basslines for maximum dancefloor effect.

For the past eight years Markus has created a mix compilation and dedicated it to one city that inspired him that year.  Switching things up in 2015, Markus' 'City Series' sees the American release …

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