Hello, world: Rusko kindly requests that you wake the fuck up.The Leeds-born DJ/producer who ascended with the original U.K. dubstep movement – and gave it one of its first and most enduring anthems, a bolt of foul-mouthed rave lightening called “Cockney Thug” – is here to tell you that music is not about labels and dance is no fad.A staple of the global electronic underground, Rusko has packed nightclubs, concert venues and festivals across the world, and not only dance-dedicated ones: From Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Festival, to Coachella and Lollapalooza; from Germany’s Melt! to Australia’s Good Vibrations.Back in 2007 – when “dubstep” was an idea known to a critical few – Rusko and DJ/producer Caspa lit the spark with a dubstep-dedicated mix for London nightclub Fabric’s influential compilation series Fabriclive. Rusko’s “Cockney Thug” was the centerpiece, evangelizing the bass “wobble” that’s since set the world on fire – a seminal moment that the Guardian UK called one of the 50 key events in dance music history. So world, if you’re awake, now hear this: Rusko is here to roll the beats, and dance music will never be the same.

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Quite literally marking his return to the scene with a huge exclamation point at the beginning of the summer, Leeds-born, LA-based producer Rusko has since watched excitement levels reach new heights amongst a dance music community eagerly anticipating the next installment of his genre-defying and insanely popular “!” EP series. Out now via Universal/FMLY Records, ‘! Volume 2’ sees Rusko’s production prowess sparkle, as he continues to justify his place on the musical throne as the undisputed ‘king of bass’.


Seamlessly touching on what seems like every corner of the dance music spectrum, Rusko continues to raise the bar with ‘! Volume 2’ in an effortless demonstration of musical diversity. Having recently offered fans a sneak peak—albeit a hard-hitting, super-cool, dancefloor filler of one—with ‘I Wanna Mingle’, which was almost instantly following up with the …

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