Nora En Pure

Nora En Pure is the Swiss Deep & Indie House sensation that is rippling through the dance music world with her beautiful blend of electronic beats. Her breakthrough track ‘Come With Me’ lead her into the spotlight in 2013, soaring its way up the Beatport Charts, and remaining at the top for over 7 months. Sparking wide interest in her sound, the track received extensive support from massive names in the game, and captivated a large following of adoring and loyal fans. With a burning desire to deliver uplifting music that encapsulates elements from all over the globe, Nora leads listeners out of the darker realms of deep house with intricate instrumentals and enlightening melodies. Embarking on her debut Purified US Tour in December 2014, and touring all over Europe, South America, Africa and Australia, Nora has emanated her scintillating sound across the planet, proving that she genuinely is one of the most mesmerizing producers out there.

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Following the release of her sensational Ibiza-ready track ‘Waves’, dance music’s leading lady Nora En Pure is back with a new creation, ‘Tears In Your Eyes’ – out now via Spinnin’ Deep.


After dipping into funkier waters for tracks like ‘Waves’ and ‘Convincing’, Nora En Pure revisits her classic style for ‘Tears In Your Eyes’. Calling upon a majestic violin piece, paired with a swaying bassline, this cut oozes quality and precision across its duration. Blending in a smooth male vocal piece, the track is moved along by airy synths and proud piano chords. ‘Tears In Your Eyes’ is an emotive cut that will work its magic on dance floors and radio listeners all around the world this summer.

Bringing her sought after sound across the planet in May, Nora En Pure played events in Brazil, North America, Germany and Switzerland. Gearing up for her relentless summer schedule, Nora En Pure …

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