We conceive and implement engaging, international campaigns for artists, labels, brands and live events across the world to give our clients full exposure in all the right places.


Having executed thousands of effective campaigns to date, our work with artists spanning a multitude of genres is second to none. From legends including Jean Michele Jarre, Jimmy Page, Armin Van Buuren and John Digweed to modern day icons such as Kygo, Avicii and Nicky Romero, we continue to work with the A-Z of emerging and established music talent. 


Fedde Le Grand


Nicky Romero

Artist services

Profile Building

We work closely with artists and their teams to construct detailed plans for profile building across all aspects of international media. Whether we’re dealing with a new artist or band, or an established act, we understand that every campaign must be tailored to the individual. Securing interviews, radio guest mixes, music premieres, influencer alliances, magazine features, brand partnerships and much more, we always adopt a personalised approach to profile building, carefully curating careers in the eyes of the media and fans alike.

Tour Promotion

Tour press is a staple part of the service we provide, and we execute it more successfully than any other agency. We make this claim because we’ve been doing it since day one. Our experienced team has managed everything from 60-date world tours to burgeoning artists breaking the scene within their home country. We go the extra mile with tour promotion to ensure that when our clients perform live, tickets are sold, profiles are built and media are aware. 

Crisis Management

When a crisis arises, however grave, it is vitally important to have an experienced team on hand to deal with the situation and the subsequent media fall-out. Having dealt with some unimaginable incidents over the years, we really do make the difference between a catastrophe and a light brushing with the media – softening and even preventing any negative impact to our clients.

Music Promotion

We work with talent and their respective teams on campaigns that maximise the global impact of single, remix, EP and album delivery. Planning well in advance of release dates, we construct press releases and all copy around the project and then disseminate the music to local, national and international media. In addition, we secure profile pieces, audio and video premieres, interviews and mixes around releases to further bolster all campaign efforts, and offer full reports of all activity and press interest on demand.


We work with the biggest electronic music events and festivals in the world, including powering Ultra Music Festival & Ultra Worldwide's colossal PR machine with events in 23 countries across 6 continents. Complete with its flourishing RESISTANCE concept, it is the most expansive festival brand on the planet and we’ve been at the helm of all communication since 2012. In addition, we are the go-to agency for Ismaya Live, one of Asia’s biggest live event promoters, currently overseeing the PR for Djakarta Warehouse Project, We The Fest and Sunny Side Up festivals in Indonesia.


Djakarta Warehouse Project


Ultra Worldwide

Events services

Event promotion

We differ from all other agencies in our approach to promoting live events, because we believe promotion shouldn’t begin and end locally in order to achieve sell out status. Working with the world’s most distinguished music festivals and events, we go far beyond national borders and investigate the key trends of millennials, delving deep into territories where travelling to and from our events is affordable. In doing this we open up the experiences our clients have to offer to immense international audiences and lucrative new revenue streams.


The combined experience and expertise we have as a team working within the dance music space is unrivalled by any public relations agency in the world, so when it comes to promoting your event we can provide advice and assistance on anything which you may require.

Media partnerships

Partnering up with media outlets is an extremely effective way to increase the reach of any event. We have brokered countless partnerships in our history - creating win-win situations for both the media outlet and the event, and signing exclusive deals for top-tier material that is synced around the world on multiple platforms.

Participating Talent

A staple part of our services since day one, we manage all performing artists to ensure they promote any given event to huge worldwide audiences via their social channels. Acting as the all-important ‘middle man’ we are also responsible for coordinating and facilitating any artist interviews and features with international and local media at any stage before, during and after the show. 


Building the profile of a record label demands a different angle, cultivating an ethos and a certain aesthetic across multiple releases and different artists is vitally important. We do this through measured and consistent writing style and portrayal to the press.


PM:AM Recordings


Confession Recordings

Label Services

Profile Building

Working both with new labels and those that have a deep history within the scene, we always strive to portray a consistent message throughout any succession of releases that abides to the label's individual core ethic. Managing and creating multiple forward-thinking press opportunities, whether they be artist interviews or features on the label itself, we are on hand at all times to foster international attention and interest.

Music Releases

We have spent years at the PR helm of respected labels, as well as working one off projects. Using our extensive list of contacts in the industry, our team will disseminate press releases and all other opportunities to cultivate the best possible media coverage both before and after that all important release date.