Creative publicity is an essential, in-demand skill that we've got mastered here at Get In! From conception to completion, we pride ourselves on our ability to conjure, construct and deliver extraordinarily creative PR campaigns, so as to maximise all of our clients' global impact and reach. We understand the necessity to be innovative and forward thinking in the field of promotion and our whole team is perpetually dedicated to inventing new, unique and above all creative ways in which to do so. So whether it's a record, artist profile, label, event or festival you need highlighting to the world, we will work closely with you to not only create the initial concept but to follow it through diligently and effectively, making sure that every avenue is explored and covered along the way.

Whatever it is you need we can do it, and do it well.


Musical releases, international tour press, profile building, crisis management - you name it, we do it. When it comes to touring, we'll liaise with managers, bookers and promoters to maximise all of our clients' reach for each date that they play, making absolutely sure that they receive the very best exposure across the very best media channels worldwide. We work with labels - both major and independent - to co-ordinate winning campaigns for music releases, and collaborate extensively with all parties involved to ensure maximum sales for each and every output. We also get creative with each client to push their profiles higher and further and we have the skills, experience and proficiency to effectively deal with any crisis, any size. In short, whether you're a band, solo artist, DJ or producer, we'll take care of your every need.


If you're running a label - regardless of size - your records need to reach those all-important tastemakers and record breakers - something we can do with our eyes shut. We hold impeccable relationships with the biggest radio stations the world over, meaning we side step the middlemen and take our clients' music direct to the people that really matter. But we don't just service the music - we will take charge of all label related publicity, including press releases and strategy for each release, any events that the label holds, all touring that an artist performs on behalf of the label, as well as any viral or creative marketing concepts to push the brand.


International event promotion and global awareness campaigns have become an integral part of what we do. From launch events to full-scale festival PR management, from 500 to 300,000 capacities, it's all in a day's work at Get In! Drawing up high profile media partnerships and working with on-the-ground stations and publications, ensuring pre, interim and post-event publicity, our team devise, promote and manage event campaigns to whatever level is required. Working with the biggest festivals in the world - from ID&T's Tomorrowland and Insomniac's Electric Daisy Carnival, to the world famous UMF - we have fast become THE go-to agency when it comes to global event PR. We have the power to build the international awareness of your brand to such an extent that should you wish to export your brand across borders, you'll have the necessary foundations in place.