Adolfo Sistek is a melodic-tropical house producer from Santiago Chile.

Only starting producing in 2015, Sistek released a handful of underground remixes of emerging pop-artists. Quickly his remixes gained huge attention in the electronic music space (often bigger than that of the original artists). The remixes reached millions of streams with support from tastemakers including Mr Revillz, Mr Suicide Sheep & Spotify.

With his quick streaming success, the music industry caught onto how Sistek was trying to mix his South American roots in dance music. Commissions by Universal and WMG to remix upcoming releases were coming fast and Sistek still had never released his own original material.

In 2017, Sistek is releasing his debut EP 'Show You Stars'.

'Show You Stars' features vocalists all round the world and is testament to how his music takes inspirations from both his home in Chile and the places he visits. With his label (Kobalt) & management (Au MGMT) based in London, Sistek is a constantly travelling artist with influences from the world he sees.