Luigi Madonna

Luigi Madonna has been a standout talent in the electronic music space for well over two decades, loved by audiences and industry peers alike for his magnetic personality both on and off-stage. Absorbing the influences of his native Italy, along with those who have gone before him, Luigi has created a definitive sonic palette founded on stripped-back techno and experimental sensibilities that have rightly earned him his place amongst techno’s elite.

Born in Province of Caserta, Luigi Madonna was raised on the sounds of Louis Vega, Frankie Knuckles and David Morales, playing his first gig aged just 14. As he began to develop his voice and seek a sound to reflect his soul, the rise of minimal techno and its purist qualities struck a chord with Luigi. Inspired by its advocates Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Chris Liebing and Marco Carola, the sound began to infiltrate both his track selection and productions, setting him on a new creative path that would subsequently ignite his career.

A dominating figure on the DJ circuit in possession of infectious enthusiasm and a uniquely dynamic presence, Luigi has become a firm favourite with audiences on every continent. Reciprocating the energy he is shown by the crowd, he mixes with real flair, often opting for long and adventurous blends. Cutting his teeth at such historic regional venues as Old River Park, Madonna now graces the decks at some of the globe’s most iconic clubs, including Printworks, London and Crobar, Argentina and Amnesia, Ibiza, in addition to residencies at both Watergate, Berlin and Fabric, London. Considered a staple name on many of the top festival lineups, Luigi has enjoyed stellar performances at Awakenings, Sonus, Hideout, Resistance Ibiza & Latin America tour, as well as joining Carl Cox for Blend Athens’ Techniques series. 

Equally vital to Luigi’s ascendency into the top tier has been an impeccable stream of records that have showcased his mastery for club-ready cuts. The catalyst for international success came in 2009 with the release of his ‘Madonna’ EP on Rino Cerrone’s acclaimed Loose Records. The 4-track offering enjoyed global success and paved the way for further label affiliations with the likes of Sleaze, Overdrive Music, Analytic Trail and MKT, as he began adapting his signature traits to create something fresh and original for each release. By 2011, Luigi had announced himself as a major player on the international circuit with signings to two of the most important labels in techno’s history, Drumcode and Plus 8. Cementing his Drumcode ties with a debut EP contribution to the imprint, Madonna’s 2013 ‘Primo’ marked another seminal release to his growing back-catalogue. Industry support flooded in from every corner of the globe, with further tracks ‘Unconditional Beauty’ and ‘Le Ly Land’ proving commonplace among the touring playlists of some of the scene’s key DJs.

In more recent years, Luigi has pioneered a nouveau strain of purist techno that still remains tethered to the roots of his early works. Unrelenting in his forward momentum and pursuit of new sounds, his ever-flourishing discography has continued to progress with the times, leading the circuit into new territories with this hypnotic blend of old and new. Now with four full EPs, split records and remixes for Drumcode, in addition to countless releases on staunch labels Second State and REDIMENSION, Luigi has proven himself to be a key contributor to the evolution of techno.

But it is perhaps in the hidden depths of his hard drive that lies the real evidence of this truly versatile artist. Experimental music that may never be released acts as a breeding ground for the ideas found in his uniquely fluid strain of techno. His ability to cultivate lasting impressions with international crowds is testament to a profoundly talented artist who deftly balances a club-friendly sound with the spirit of innovation in everything he does.