Cape Cod

Hyper talented musician and producer Maksim Sikalenko is the Ukrainian sensation delivering a fresh perspective on the electronic music scene. Better known under his Cape Cod alias, Maksim is proving to be one of the most innovative artists to emerge from Kiev’s wave of uprising young creatives. 


Through the release of his debut “Cult” album in 2016, Cape Cod spurred Kiev’s rave culture renaissance, becoming an ambassador for world-class Ukrainian electronic music and cultivating a dedicated following of his own. He was awarded Best Electronic Artist at the Jägermeister Indie Awards in 2016, giving outsider art a much-needed voice in the mainstream market. Intertwining his passions for music, fashion and art, Cape Cod’s music acts as a safe house for young creatives and the LGBT community alike, delivering consistently diverse productions that justify his imminent rise to success. 


In addition to his own productions, Maksim is committed to showcasing the next generation of Kiev’s house and techno power-producers via his own label ‘Kiev House’. The label boss presented his ‘Best Of Ukrainian House’ compilation in a podcast for London’s ‘NTS Radio’ and continues to put Ukraine and it’s native talent on industry radars. 


Exercising a quality over quantity mantra, Cape Cod spent two years perfecting his upcoming “Echoes” album, finally bringing his cosmopolitan concept to life in true reflection of his nearing rise to international status. Maksim is decisively carving out his own creative lane and fast becoming Ukraine’s next greatest success story.