747 is a DJ and producer from Vancouver. Best known for his acidic contributions to Aquaregia, he continues to impress with each and every release. Like his hypnotic DJ sets, his tracks are constantly evolving with a mixture of lush pads, dreamy soundscapes, and the sonically pleasing sound of the 303. Inspired by the sounds of Berlin, Detroit, and the acid
legends, his sound is high-fidelity yet old-school, uplifting yet melancholic, a journey with no destination. His most notable release, the widely acclaimed Aurora Centralis EP, immediately brought 747 to the forefront of the acid techno scene, while the title track captivated floors around the world. He saw a quick rise the following year with his
eight-track Paleo series on Aquaregia. The acidic collection was well received and built a loyal following for his particular brand of melancholic acid, leading him to bookings at some of the world’s most renowned clubs including Fabric and Rex. 2019 saw the release of his debut album, The Gate of Life, a 63 minutes journey through trance, techno and acid. After a one-year hiatus, 747’s latest offering comes from his While My 303 Gently Weeps EP on Aquaregia. The acidic four-tracker stands to be one of his most memorable releases as we look ahead to 2021.