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After spending two years honing his craft and diligently focusing on the future of his creative vision, Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Ravell returns to the release radar with his new single, ‘Siento’. The new track marks his first release since his 2019 hit single, ‘Rockin,’ and culminates with a first-listen of his new sonic direction. Continuing his reputation as a dominating figure in the space and showcasing his dedication to giving other artists a platform, ‘Siento’ launches Ravell’s debuting label imprint, KAZAA. The track is out now across all streaming platforms via KAZAA.


Starting off with a thumping kick, ‘Siento,’ immediately takes listeners into a captivating soundscape. Bringing fans into the refined sound of Ravell, the track rises with a tense build-up before going into a massive bass drop. Honoring his Salvadorian roots and propensity for Latin pop, the track sports an enchanting Spanish vocal sample with cuts and chops throughout its runtime, creating an awe-inspiring listening experience. Ravell’s signature sound comes through with a heavy-hitting, pulsating sound. Giving fans a glance into what Ravell has in store with upcoming releases on KAZAA, ‘Siento’ makes for an unforgettable launch.

"For many years, I’ve always thought about starting my own label; but I never had the time to start the process. When the pandemic hit, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to fulfill my long-term goal of launching and creating Kazaa.

Kazaa stems from the Spanish word “casa”— which means home. My goal with Kazaa is to provide artists with resources to get their music heard and offer a safe space to call home as they focus and create with all the support they need." - Ravell

With the release of his newest track, ‘Siento,’ Ravell is slated to continue his success across the world as a force to be reckoned with. As he continues to release music through KAZAA, fans can look forward to seeing his longtime creative vision come to life.

ABOUT RAVELL -- Richard Garcia, better known as Ravell, has been turning heads and captivating ears with his spellbinding, groove-forward, and energy-drenched take on house music since breaking into the scene. Taking off with releases on Kaskade's label, Arkade, and official remixes for globally known stars, Ravell went on to check off a myriad of career milestones. Ravell proved to be an unmistakable talent as he continued to secure coveted slots at some of the world’s most in-demand festivals, including Coachella, HARD Summer Festival, and Beyond Wonderland. 2019 marked a huge year for the esteemed talent, with the sold-out debut of his ‘Ravell & Friends’ party at LA’s legendary Academy Nightclub as well as the release of single, ‘Rockin,’ with close to 2 million Spotify streams to date. Ravell has spent the majority of 2021 playing notable shows such as his performance at The Hollywood Palladium with ARMNHMR and at HARD Summer’s HARDER stage and Passport Lounge. Now marking a huge turning point for the Los Angeles-based DJ and producer, Ravell has taken the time to carve out his own path in the landscape, with his newly-launched imprint, KAZAA.