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Following the June release of his globally-adored single ‘Baltasound’, which paid tribute to the stunning Shetland Island settlement with which it shares its name, Marco Dalla Villa delivers a breathtaking music video to highlight the island’s blissful seclusion.

With planes firmly grounded and with limited sources of inspiration during lockdown, Marco discovered a unique way to feed his creativity. Exploring the world virtually on Google Maps, he discovered the remote village of Baltasound and was instantly enraptured by the unspoilt beauty of the sleepy town. Discovering Baltasound’s abundance of greenery and wildlife, the video accompaniment features motorcycle influencer Andres Astarita, runner Flora Beverely and an eagle’s POV, who offer alternative ways to enjoy the scenic views. Uniting the music with the picturesque landscape, the official music video is an emotive masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of the island.

Touching on the recording of his music video and subsequent stream, Marco says, "It was the first time that I have played outdoors without an audience and it felt so incredible to perform in such a breathtaking location, with so much empty space around me. When the first drop came in, I raised my head, and instead of people dancing there was a sheep staring back at me!! It was impossible not to laugh at that moment!"