Zight is an emerging EDM artist hailing from Hong Kong. His style is distinctly upbeat, fusing feel good melodies to euphoria-dripped soundscapes and thunderously thumping rhythms. His creative process is unique in the way he crafts his iconic sound. The artist suffers from the disorder “Synesthesia”, which means his emotions are often transferred into melodies in his mind. The result is something authentic and oozing with originality.

 Ever since he was a child he would hear random melodies in his head. Confused as to what was causing them, his parents took him to the doctor. This is when the realization surfaced that he suffered from Synesthesia. A disorder in which our emotions are transferred into audio hallucinations. He would hear the melodies constantly and really struggled growing up. It wasn’t until he realized he could turn his pain into passion that the “ah-ha” moment occurred. He began recording the melodies he would hear which would soon turn into the songs he’s known and loved for today. He notes that the melodies come from nowhere and it often feels like they’re from deep within his soul.

 Zight managed to secure his first collaboration with Disney singer Sonna Rele. He composed, produced and wrote the lyrics of the timeless, inspiring track. With its motivating message it’s hard not to smile when listening to the song.

 Fusing feel-good melodies with thunderously thumping EDM rhythms, he crafts uplifting electronic anthems. His music serves as the perfect soundtrack to lose yourself on a booming dancefloor or even just kicking back and relaxing at home. From mystifying soaring piano lines, to his euphoria-dripped soundscapes, he has an innate ability to really dig deep into your soul and invoke deep emotions.

Originally from Hong Kong, Zight has his eyes set on making a major impact on the global dance music scene. He aspires to be the first Hong Kong name to make it on a UK billboard chart. His mission is to create timeless classics that outlive him so the world will have something to remember him by.