Speaker Of The House

Dylan Orvell, known professionally as Speaker of the House, is an EDM producer, DJ, and composer from Philadelphia, USA. His electrifying dynamism and ability to create original sounds and effects has been lauded by many. Upping the anti every time, Speaker of the House allows each song to take on its own memorable and recognizable form, establishing a pure organic sensation.

With numerous successful original releases like “Awake, Asleep” and “Redwood”, and remixes such as “One Last Night On Earth” by Dada Life and “Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo among others, Speaker of the House garnered well over 25 million plays and counting on YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud. His skillful reanimation of remixes takes root in his innovative techniques of reimaging the original songs. 

Creating the perfect experience, Speaker of the House takes listeners on a journey, forging an instant connection to his audience on an emotional and personal level with enthralling ambient vibes, exuberant beats and exhilarating sounds. In 2015, Speaker of the House went on a nationwide tour in the USA with The Chainsmokers on their Friend Zone Tour, and made debuts at EDC Vegas and Nocturnal Wonderland. Throughout 2016/2017, he toured with Marshmello on The Ritual Tour and Autograf on their Spring/Fall Tour, with performances at several festivals including Coachella, Hangout Festival, Groove Cruise, Camp Bisco and Moorise.

Speaker of the House’s unfaltering determination, drive and pure artistry allows him to adapt to any environment and produce sonically profound nostalgic compositions. Possessing a keen sense of vision and attention to detail, he consistently adds new elements and ideas to each finely crafted track. Speaker of the House’s music reflects the interconnected elements in the world that compliments each other to personify beauty. Dropping his first remix of 2018 in January, for the song “Caving” by Justin Caruso, Speaker of the House also released his single “When I’m Gone Ft. Melody Noel” in mid-February. Speaker of the House is set to finish 2018 strong with new releases “Ceasefire”, “End Up”, along with multiple others before the end of the year.