Their name says it all: Moodshift, a dynamic musical trio, has all feelings covered with their eclectic sound poised to shift the mood in any direction - from hardcore happiness to chilling melancholy. 

Longtime friends Lucas Nord, Rasmus Flyckt, and Oliver Nelson kicked off 2020 with a simple goal, to gather every Wednesday to make music, have fun, and merge their signature skills and musical tastes. Their Wednesday sessions quickly evolved from a weekly get together to their first joint project, Moodshift

The creative collective of individually talented artists manages to strike the perfect balance between composition and production, creating tunes worth revisiting over and over again. Moodshift’s music is a change of pace in both vibe and style, blending each artists’ eclectic tastes to form a signature sound; pop-meets-indie-electronica. The trio is inspired by fragments, moments, and the undercurrents of life, reworking these musing into fresh, layered tracks. 

”Acts that have inspired our sound include Rufus du Sol, Jungle, The Blaze, Duke Dumont, and Camelphat. Big, dark, sounding brass infused dance music with a lot of movement. Like Hans Zimmer in a night club”, Nord states.

“A central element in dance music are the mixes where hidden gems, new and classic songs can be blended together. As a homage to the music we love, we decided to kick off every week with a mix, the “Moodshift Monday Mix”. These mixes also inspire us in the making of our own music,” says Flyckt. 

Lucas Nord has produced and released music for the last 15 years, amassing global notoriety for his solo work and production credits. Alongside his impressive catalog, Nord celebrated winning a Norwegian Grammy in 2019 (Urban Record of the Year / Emir) and produced “Run On Love” with Tove Lo, which rocketed to #1 on Billboard’s Dance Chart. Nord continues to release work as a solo artist, and will be unveiling his highly anticipated solo EP, ‘Boy Restless’ in 2020. 

Rasmus Flyckt recently released two singles under the moniker flyckt and will be sharing his debut EP “Instant Gratification pt. 1” at the end of August 2020. The former vocalist, songwriter, and producer of indie outfit Urban Cone continues to impress with his modern approach to pop music, lyrical sensibilities, and well-balanced productions.

Oliver Nelson’s laid back and vibe heavy discography includes collaborations with a wide array of talent, from the likes of Kygo to Tobtok. Nelson has also produced highly revered remixes for artists like Whitney Houston, Janelle Monáe, Niall Horan, and Ella Henderson. The dance music veteran is a force to be reckoned with in the electronic space and he continues to push the genre’s boundaries, infusing an undeniable groove into any production.

The debut single “Chemistry” slated for August 14th, 2020 introduces Moodshift as a powerhouse trio on the verge of global domination.

The group possesses the unique energy and positive outlook needed to both climb the charts, and define themselves in the music world. Moodshift will captivate hearts and minds with their pristinely produced tracks, made for dancing, dreaming, and living life through the daily swings, both up and down.