Brainchild of songwriter/producer Guillaume de Kadebostany aka President Kadebostan, Kadebostany broke through with numerous chart - topping singles such as “Castle in the Snow”, “Mind if I Stay” or the new version of Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” (50 Shades of Grey). Under the flag of the conceptual Republic of Kadebostany, Kadebostany rapidly captured attention far and wide with its singular brand of pop music, unique visual identity, and colossal live performances. Kadebostany draws a modern vision of pop music, best described by its leader as “sophisticated" music with mass appeal”.

Kadebostany storms into 2020 with DRAMA. The ever-morphing trendsetter of pop music reaffirms once more its determination to never echopast successes: new line-up, new music, new visual identity, new show, same absolute individuality.

Genius creator of many worlds, Kadebostany’s mastermind Guillaume de Kadebostany had a revelation during a late night in Ibiza in the summer 2019, one that would set the newtrajectory. He visualized a singular world inspired by theatre, opera, and surreal movies aesthetics. These elements lay the foundation of his new creation: DRAMA; a contrasting and cutting-edge collection of modern pop anthems surrounded by a twisted theatre play heralding the new era.

With the ambition to constantly reinvent Kadebostany and sculpt an ever fresh and original musical and visual universe, DRAMA once again highlights the desire of its leader to renew from an album to another. “Songs from Kadebostany” (2011), “Pop Collection” (2013) and “MONUMENTAL” (2016) committed each to their particular cosmos with different musical direction, visual universe, line-up, and a general vision. DRAMA is no exception, its distinctive identity uncompromising.

Relentless innovator with a boundless imagination, Guillaume de Kadebostany fiercely leads Kadebostany to the forefront of the modern pop music scene again: a new division of vocalists joining the enterprise, genre-defining new songs, and a challenging newworld inspired by grandiose theatre and opera as well as by classic surreal movies like Jodorowsky's “The Holy Mountain”.

Recorded spontaneously in a period of two months, “DRAMA –Act 1” is the first 4 song Ep marking the beginning ofthis new era. The Ep features Irina Rimes (“Letters from Her”), KAZKA (“Baby I’m Ok”), and Kadebostany’s new live singers Fang The Great (“I wasn’t made for love”) and Celia (“Take it away from me”). The selected four vocalists contribute their distinct personalities and particular influences to both an authentic consistence and a resounding diversity across the EP.

Kadebostany strikes again with another audacious and unpredictable work that pushes further into the unique musical and visual territory thatit occupies.