Emilie Brandt

EMILIE BRANDT, American singer-songwriter/performer, has been captivating audiences with her music and energizing stage presence across the United States.

Claiming inspirations of Florence Welch and Kesha, she connects with audiences who are in search of something that is real and raw. Emilie Brandt has found an undeniable level of comfort writing and performing songs not specifically confined to any boxed-in genre. For her it’s about confidently blending several influences and allowing personal experiences to shape her music. Having racked up over 20 million plays through original EDM collaborations in 2017, Emilie’s fans anxiously await the release of her debut album in 2018. Emilie Brandt’s forthcoming debut album flows with sounds of electro-pop, alt-rock, indie and a bit of everything in-between and brings it full circle with a powerfully unique voice that proves she is a new breed of artist. Tracks on this album are so diverse that she has appropriately titled it ‘Freeform’ — an album that will undoubtedly leave audiences wanting more from an artist the industry has been waiting for.