For every Swedish hopeful to emerge amid the age of global hysteria towards Electronic music, few can boast of the heights attained by fast rising duo Nause. Both in their early twenties and united by the same vision and passion for House music that consumed their teenage years, their inauguration to Universal music and the global Dance scene alike has marked a journey of intensely focused talent and considerable enthusiasm for all-embracing music. Leaping from the underground club scene of their native Stockholm into a series of online collaborative efforts, childhood friends Jacob Criborn and Leonard Scheja would find themselves bonded by a passion and hunger to make new waves in the familiar tides of Swedish Dance culture. Each donning their own unique talents to the table in the early days of their live and studio collaborations, what started as a part-time flare of enthusiasm in the studio would soon become the life and breath of their day-to-day lives.In a short but sharp sweep, the budding duo has already proven their worth on many levels. Debuting for Universal Music with ‘Made Of’ - their first essential stab a the charts and airwaves alike - double-barreled label follow- up ‘Mellow’ and its vocal remodel ‘Hungry Hearts’ for 2012 have established a strong sense of consistency to this hotly tipped duo. Preserving their knack emotional resonance and uplifting melodic hallmarks alongside such high profile remix duties for Kaskade, Rebecca & Fiona and Eric Turner alike, it is fair to say that their status as Scandinavia’s best-kept secret is close to being shot-down.

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