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The home of Bingo Players & friends, Hysteria Records has become one of the most prominent electronic music imprints since its foundation in 2010. Garnering new and promising talents under its wings, Hysteria continues to push the boundaries of dance music by releasing a consistent stream of electrifying releases. Hysteria Records is known for bringing some of the finest electro & house music to the table, and shining light on producers that are ready to bring the sounds of Hysteria for many years to come!

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In the final sprint to the New Year, Hysteria Records is back to add yet another energetic stomper to their impressive catalogue of electro-house music releases. ‘Alarm’ by fresh Dutch production duo Essentials is out now on Bingo Players’ very own Hysteria Records.


‘Alarm’ is a synth-driven, dancehall-inspired, electro-house cut that blends a punchy, progressive drumbeat and warped ragga-vocals to create a real crescendo of adrenaline-pumping energy. At the drop, the hard-hitting stabs and barrage of distorted synths boast a huge, main-room feel with the sonic siren FX and thumping beat, building the hype again before the tune’s break-down. All in all, this colossal track will undoubtedly sound alarmingly heavy in the club, and inspire revelers to get themselves out and moving on the dance floor!


Following their debut release on Hysteria Records just a few months ago, in a collaboration with FIGHT CLVB called ‘Inna Di …

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