Futuristic Polar Bears

It’s fair to say that the Futuristic Polar Bears have had a phenomenal few years. Through their own relentless hard work and outstanding capabilities both in the production studio and behind the decks, the trio have been on an incredible ride and achieved the seemingly unachievable. Recognised for their effervescent progressive house sounds, in the last 18 months alone Futuristic Polar Bears have had releases on Revealed, Spinnin’, Mutants, Starter Records, Harem and ZeroThree and gained consistent chart success with each and every release. 'Back To Earth' became their first Beatport #1 in 2014, followed by a further 4 top 20s and a #25 US Billboard smash with Thundergod. With a packed release schedule and a tour diary crammed with worldwide club and festival dates, there’ll definitely be no state of hibernation anytime soon for these Bears…

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   In an omnipotent collaboration between two of the most exciting and daring acts in electronic dance music, D.O.D and Futuristic Polar Bears have joined forces to bring to you their extraordinary new track, ‘Why’ – out now on Afrojack’s own Wall Recordings.


For ‘Why’, the Bears and D.O.D go head-to-head to create an explosive production, which emulates the signature styles of both artists in one epic cut. Kicking the track off with a trademark progressive build, impeccably timed rises are featured, alongside a female vocal, which says, “I just can’t understand”. One minute into the track, listeners are whisked off into an energetic, bouncy electro-house drop. Allowing a momentary break where the melody and lyrics dominate, listeners are swooped back up in a sonically diverse whirlwind, featuring digital warble, a video game like melody, and a punchy bassline.


As a debut release for both …

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