Nima Bazrcar & Rory Bowyer are 18 year old DJ/Producer duo “DE$iGNATED” from South London. Nima’s first love of music was grime/garage & UK hip hop from when he was 9 years old and had a passion for production since the age of 11. Rory was into indie, new wave, 04-07 era dubstep when he was going up into his early teens. They haven’t stopped the passion since that age, twisting & combining genres to create a unique DE$IGNATED sound befitting to a new era of UK bass music. It’s hard to believe that these guys have only been a duo for 11 months, only more reason to keep your eyes locked.

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South London producers and latest additions to the Get In roster,DE$iGNATED, waste no time in airing brand new material with their incredible house rendition of Wave Racer’s ‘Stoopid’, out to download free today. 

Premiering on the trendsetting e-zine Earmilk last Friday, Nima Bazrcar and Rory Bowyer that make up the duo have brought the release forward for their growing fan base - celebrating what has been a huge debut year for them. A strikingly adept take on a complex track, the remix only highlights how far they’ve come in 12 short months – grab it now and see for yourself: 

[Free Download] Wave Racer - 'Stoopid (DE$iGNATED Remix)'

Despite being just 18 respectively, Rory and Nima behold a natural understanding of the component parts of production. Stripping away the maximalist flourishes that make up Wave Racer’s signature sound, they supplement the stunning record with a lively rhythm and swirling …

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